Monthly Archives: October 2011

O2 – I will wait, thank you !

So, the iPhone 4S is almost upon us and finally O2 announce their tariffs. But wait I have to wait outside an O2 shop to get one ??? – nah I’m not that desperate. I really hate queuing for anything, especially outside a mobile phone shop.

So I get the email from O2 saying we are looking after our loyal customers and we get 1st dibs – but only from an O2 store ? So what about all the people they sold to online ?

So given that I actually have to go to work to earn the money to pay the contract O2 – I will just wait until you offer it online, until then I will stay on my unlimited data plan.

Boooo !!

iPhone 4S

So, no iPhone 5 but iPhone 4S – yes I also felt a little underwhelmed at first but when you think back to the 3G and 3GS this was no small update, ask anyone who ever used a 3G 🙂

Siri looks to be an awesome feature and will certainly help with emails and texts during my daily commutes, but seeing as I am currently using a 3GS – for me this is a huge up spec !

8MP camera, Siri, Dual Core A5, Retina Display the list goes on. The iPhone 4S will ship with IOS 5 as expected but I can’t help feel that Apple kind of forgot the usual ‘Devs get ready’ email and the 2 week submission window. GM seed is now out and an expected date of 12th October seems a little short compared to previous releases.

IOS 5 is quoted as having 200 new features, coupled with the Dual Core A5 I can’t help thinking this is going to be a fantastic marriage of hardware and software – but I can’t seem to shake the doubt that Apple are holding back for an iPhone 5 debut next year Q2 or something.

Anyway, the 3GS has served me well and it won’t be long before we see this old faithful drop off the glossy list of handsets once another unit is appended – just as once this exact fate existed for the 3G.