Expanding Apple Battery

So around 2-3 months ago I started to notice my Apple MacBook Pro 17″ battery was once again starting to show signs of swelling. I originally purchased my MacBook Pro 17″ around late 2006 (Oct 2006) when the first battery started to warp. So I duly contacted Apple who were at that time (Nov 2010) offering a free replacement/recall of batteries which showed signs of swelling. I requested a ‘Do-It-Yourself repair’ to which Apple sent me a replacement Battery, Lithium Ion, 68W including packaging to return the defective part (otherwise a £70 fee would be charged).

The whole process was a pleasure from start to end, a courteous telephone conversation with an Apple AppleCare rep, quick response and a speedy dispatch of the replacement part – all rectified in a few days. So you can imagine when I started to see a repeat issue with my replacement Apple part, I thought it’s ok I will give Apple a call and report this problem again as they were super helpful last time and due to the fact they advised previously that this was not correct behaviour and not an intended design feature they would quickly resolve it.

So I started by checking the health of the battery which showed 108 Cycles which I don’t find excessive (Apple quote 400-500 Cycles for the life of a battery). I gave Apple a call who immediately refused to correct the issue as they stated the recall programme was now closed. I explained this issue had occurred again which was exactly what had happened last time, pointed them to the previous repair case number and numerous issues people had reported online about this problem. Again Apple refused to engage in resolving the problem stating that all batteries fail and that I would need to purchase a new battery as this was ‘wear and tear’.

I was completely bemused at this point, there was Apple back in 2010 apologising and falling over themselves to rectify clearly a defective product – but 2 years later Apple flatly refusing to entertain a replacement citing this was a purely a ‘wear and tear’ issue !. Needless to say I have now since purchased a new battery, but not an official Apple one as I felt that another supplier could not do any worse than the Apple battery had performed. I may find that this battery goes the same way the official battery, but for almost half the price I can afford to replace the battery twice for the cost of the official one.

I have taken some images tonight of the battery which was removed from the Mac around a 6 weeks ago which has somewhat expanded since removal – but laughably still contains a charge !

So for those with an expanding battery issue, time to fork out for another one as its doubtful Apple will anytime soon start recalling these batteries again. I am left wondering what will happen when this ‘wear and tear’ issue occurs to those with newer Unibody Mac’s to which the battery is not intended to be replaced by end users and which Apple does not support end user replacement either ?


  1. Apple you are starting to worry me ! | Matt Brown - pingback on 29th June 2012 at 12:13 am
  2. ah the old swelling battery….I bought the “after market” ones as well, they last about 12-18 months…
    in my opinion the problem lies in excessive heating…
    how long has it lasted?

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