Change is good, especially when its Fibre Broadband

COMS Plc-01

So approximately 9 months ago I got Fibre Broadband from ADSL24 and very pleased with the service I must say. I opted for the Fibre 30 Ultra package as this provided up to 80MB down and 20MB up. Speed has always been good and reliable and on the two occasions I have needed to contact them the service has been excellent and a quick resolution to the issue.

So a few months back I received a letter to advise the service was being transferred to Coms plc. I was a bit concerned at first as the service I had received to date had been excellent and I didn’t want that to change. So today I have received another letter advising my migration is taking place during the next two weeks. I was a little disappointed to find my IP address would need to change, but I also learned I was getting an unexpected upgrade.

Upgrade ? Well currently we have a peak cap of 30GB during the hours of 8am to 8pm and unlimited off-peak usage outside these hours and weekends. So with effect of my migration this is changing to a new package – Coms 500. This new package will increase the monthly cap from 30GB to 500GB, however there was no mention of the off-peak and whether this would remain. A quick call to customer services who reassured me this would remain as is – happy days!

Well hopefully a smooth migration will ensue, I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

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