XP you have been retired, well almost

XPI felt it only fitting seeing as everyone else in the ether is talking about the demise of Windows XP to chime in on the subject. As I am sure you are aware after the 8th April 2014 Microsoft XP is officially end of life and will no longer be updated with new security updates or support. However the ageing operating system will be granted one last reprieve in terms of anti-malware updates to both it signatures and engine.

Microsoft are attempting to encourage as many as possible to leave the ageing operating system and move to its latest and greatest flagship products to avoid the risk of infection and security woes. It would appear XP has been down this road a few times, but it really does look like this is the final encore – come April 2015 ┬ábig brother wants you off your XP addiction for good !.

Read the official Microsoft statement here.

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