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Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android

As some of you may already know I tend to listen to Podcasts on the way to and from work (40 mins e/w) when I heard about this new watch. Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Andriod. Pebble looks to be huge, currently as a Kickstarter project here the goal was to reach $100,000 but is currently (at time of writing) upto a whopping $8,944,369 with nearly 60,000 backers !

So what is this watch ? Well basically its a smart watch which contains an ARM CPU internally, runs for approx 7 days on a full charge and contains an E-Ink display, like the ones you find on a Kindle reader and connects to either your iPhone or Andriod smartphone via Bluetooth. Not only do these watches look stunning but the ability to customise them and deliver new content via an iPhone app or SDK is what I found really attractive. So if you want to get this years hottest new IOS/Android gadget – you better pledge.

The project is to run for another 11 days after which the watch will be fully funded and will no doubt be going into production. it is expected backers will receive their watch(es) at about September this year. So what are you waiting for, get your Pebble pledges in now before the clock stops ticking ! (sorry couldn’t help myself).


Oracle seeks $billion lawsuit

It’s no secret Oracle are out to get what they feel is justified in its lawsuit against Google. It has been claimed Google has infringed Oracle’s Java patents (which Oracle purchased from Sun Microsystems as part of an acquisition back in January 2010) of which parts are used in it’s Android smartphone operating system. Figures in excess of $6 billion have been banded about, however Google has hit back stating it “a breathtaking figure that is out of proportion to any meaningful measure of the intellectual property at issue.”

So what is next in line for Android ?, this is not the only attack on the giants smartphone OS. Just recently Android developers were targeted by Lodsys over claimed patent infringements along with Apple over it’s in-app purchase.