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Oracle seeks $billion lawsuit

It’s no secret Oracle are out to get what they feel is justified in its lawsuit against Google. It has been claimed Google has infringed Oracle’s Java patents (which Oracle purchased from Sun Microsystems as part of an acquisition back in January 2010) of which parts are used in it’s Android smartphone operating system. Figures in excess of $6 billion have been banded about, however Google has hit back stating it “a breathtaking figure that is out of proportion to any meaningful measure of the intellectual property at issue.”

So what is next in line for Android ?, this is not the only attack on the giants smartphone OS. Just recently Android developers were targeted by Lodsys over claimed patent infringements along with Apple over it’s in-app purchase.

Lodsys trolls on …

Lodsys (you know the patent troll who recently went after small IOS developers) sues 10 more companies which include (but not limited to) Adidas, Black & Decker, Sam’s Club and more. Read more on this over at FOSS Patents.

Lodsys dispute Apple response !

So for those who have been following the recent Apple / Lodsys patent debacle, Lodsys have today responded with ‘Apple is not “undisputedly licensed” with rights that extend to 3rd party Developers’ therefore refuting Apple’s recent public response – see here.

The update on the Lodsys blog goes on to say ‘Developers relying on Apple’s letter do so to their own detriment and are strongly urged to review Apple’s own developer agreements to determine the true extent of Apple’s responsibilities to them.’ So where does this leave the developers ? Well currently it would seem Lodsys means business and is standing its ground (shock horror) !

With WWDC 2011 just round the corner will Steve Jobs go as far as to make a public statement to the developers/press ? Or is IOS 5 going to resolve this issue (for future apps) by offering developers an alternative to the Lodsys patent ? We will just have to wait and see…..

You can read the Lodsys LLC blog post here.