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I am sorry I don’t know how to do that !

Ok, so finally I have the iPhone 4S as O2 finally decided to offer via the website !.

As some of you already know I have been in hospital for a bit and my contract renewal was slap bang during my stay (I didn’t fancy my chances of getting it delivered there). So I placed my order on 19th Nov and received my text message advising the iPhone 4S was out if stock and it could take 3-4 weeks to supply. I kinda expected a delay due to the demand for the 4S.

So to my surprise I got a text on the 20th to advise delivery on the 21st :O wow !

So now I have said device what’s my thoughts, well it’s good and it is a much needed upgrade of my flagging 3GS and Siri is a nice feature but one of those after a few mins gets a bit old hat. Sure it’s a neat bit of technology and I am sure once Siri is out of beta and learns more new tricks it will be a much more useful feature. However for now I am a bit disappointed, sure I can dictate a text but not a tweet even tho IOS 5 has Twitter integration built in and API’s. Sure I can ask Siri to play my music, search a website, add an appointment to my calendar even set a geo-fence reminder – but you have to make sure Siri gets your request clearly otherwise you will get “I am sorry I dont know about….”

Ok I am probably being a bit tough on Siri, and whats with the male UK voice ? Why not female (without having to switch to US mode). I think once I can get Siri to locate where the nearest Pub/Indian/Chinese is in my country my use of Siri will be much more heavily utilized 😉


O2 – I will wait, thank you !

So, the iPhone 4S is almost upon us and finally O2 announce their tariffs. But wait I have to wait outside an O2 shop to get one ??? – nah I’m not that desperate. I really hate queuing for anything, especially outside a mobile phone shop.

So I get the email from O2 saying we are looking after our loyal customers and we get 1st dibs – but only from an O2 store ? So what about all the people they sold to online ?

So given that I actually have to go to work to earn the money to pay the contract O2 – I will just wait until you offer it online, until then I will stay on my unlimited data plan.

Boooo !!

iPhone 5 or IOS5 ?

So, October 4th seems to be the date in mind for Apple to officially announce to the world the very long awaited iphone5.

However, looking at the iOS 5 betas it would seem we are close to seeing a GM so I would not be surprised if Apple combine both the iOS and iPhone announcement at the same event.

Well, my upgrade is due in November so by the time Apple announce and then start shipping – O2 will hopefully have got their act together in time for my upgrade 🙂

I guess I will just have to wait like everyone else.