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StartSSL – Need a Free SSL Cert ?

Well that annual event of renewing my SSL cert came around once again *sigh* , you know that email ‘Your SSL cert is about to expire, click here to renew for £ … ‘. After listening to a recent podcast (as I do most days whilst driving back and forwards to work) the subject of Domain and SSL providers came to my attention.

I have always purchased my domains and SSL certs from whomever is the cheapest (don’t we all ?) but due to the recent bad press of my current provider I decided to sniff out other SSL signing companies when StartSSL popped up in the search results. Well after a few minutes and reading the site I found they offer a basic Free (Class 1) cert – which for my use (non commercial, no E-commerce) was just dandy !

I set about creating my key and csr and whoa, less then 15 minutes later I had an email confirming my certificate was ready to go, so I logged in pulled the cert down and installed into Apache.

So here we are 1 Year Free (Class 1) certificate installed, working and simple as running a bath ! So if you are looking for a simple, easy and free* way to get those SSL certs StartSSL is on my list of highly recommended, go check them out.

*Obviously these guys offer more than just Free certs, and a good way of supporting this service would be purchasing or using other services they provide. So play fair.